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Self Cleaning Toilet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Self Cleaning Toilet - Essay Example My target market will include homes and public places where at homes, this product will facilitate old age people, working men and women, and children; and also, this product will be used in schools and colleges, offices, parks, and shopping areas. The main intention before the usage of this product will be the saving of time and energy in using toilets. Since old age people and children are too feeble to clean the toilet after using it and working people and students are also running short of time, hence this product is especially designed for them. Public places also need them since people often do not consider cleaning the toilets themselves properly after using them. Public places need to be hygienically cleaned which this product very efficiently ensures because the cleaning cycle is nearly of forty seconds which includes the flush, the cleaning of bowl and seat, and disinfecting and drying of the floor. My Marketing Approach I would mainly use the brochure marketing approach. M y color brochures will actually be a guide for the readers that would tell them the usefulness of the automated toilets and how they are going to save them time and energy.

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Recommendation letters Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Recommendation letters - Essay Example ally appears to become more calm and more patient as stress escalates or conflicts emerge, making him an extremely valuable lead team member who can inspire excellent performance, ensure accountability, and build bridges even under duress. In short, I would consider any company very lucky to have X join the team, as he is virtually a shoo-in for creating the atmosphere and structure necessary to bring in a successful project. Mark’s qualities and work ethic underpin success. I would highly recommend Mark in any project that involves complexity, tough time constraints, or high quality requirements. I was involved in several projects with X. First, a large long term project with a huge development team that was very difficult to implement. Second, a short term project that had huge direct impact on my organization. Both were completed too a very high standard by X and both were on-time. Specifically, the second one was wildly successful and instrumental to my organization. 9. Someone I would go to to understand the real issues I needed to be aware of concerning functional impact to my organization or understanding how to go about integrating a solution to existing

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The Maritime Education And Training Education Essay

The Maritime Education And Training Education Essay E-learning systems have several names which basically mean the same: Virtual Learning Environment, Learning Management System, Course Management System, Learning Content Management System (LCMS), Managed Learning Environment (MLE), Learning Support System (LSS) and Learning Platform (LP). In Europe the term VLE is mostly used, but in United States the term CMS is favored over others (Kanninen, 2009). Todays learners can use some different ways to learn. One of them is technology based environments is inclusive of using of computers and Internet. Online learning is one of these type environments. An attractive side of online learning is that education service to come to the learner itself and flexible usage of it. In online learning, to perform effective instructional design is being difficult because of the learners characteristics that are related to learning are not being known. As a matter of fact, to bring into existence of effective learning for the learners in online learning environments, needs and expectations of the learners that are in these environments are comprehended and development of convenient environments which are adequate for different learning styles are required. Technology density environments cause a change of learning styles of the learners and bring up a concept that is online learning style to the agenda (DaÄÅ ¸ Geà §er, 2009). In the literature, the explanation of the online learning has been used different terminologies. Because of this, makes it difficult to develop a generic definition. Terms that are commonly used include e-learning, Internet learning, distributed learning, networked learning, tele-learning, virtual learning, computer-assisted learning, Web- based learning, and distance teaching (Anderson Elloumi, 2004). In the literature, there are many definitions which are reflect the diversity of practice and associated technologies of online learning. For example, while some researchers define online learning as educational material that is presented on a computer, the others defines online instruction as an innovative approach for delivering instruction to a remote audience, using the Web as the medium (Anderson Elloumi, 2004). Kanninen (2009) online learning is learning which takes place in a network; it could be the Internet or just a schools internal/closed net. Ally (2004) wrote that there are at least the 6 following synonyms used for online learning: e-learning, Internet learning, distributed learning, networked learning, tele-learning, virtual learning, computer-assisted learning, web-based learning, and distance learning. So it can be said that in online learning the learner is at a distance from the tutor or instructor and the learner uses some form of technology to access the learning materials. (Ally 2004) Online learning can be divided into three classes: à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Contact learning supported by the net à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Multiform learning in the net à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Self studying in the net Online learning (sometimes referred to as e-learning or distance learning). In this study, online learning adopted the ASTD (American Society for Training Development) definition, which describes it as education which is facilitated and supported via information and communications technology (ICT). ASTD states that e- learning is: A broad set of applications and processes which include web-based learning, computer- based learning, virtual classrooms, and digital media. Much of this is delivered via the Internet, intranet, audio and videotape, satellite broadcast, interactive TV, and CD- ROM. The definition of e-learning varies depending on the organization and how it is used, but basically it involves electronic means of communication, education, and training (Franetovic, 2011). McGill Hobbs (2007) mentioned that a virtual learning environment (VLE) is an information system that facilitates e-learning. VLEs process, store and disseminate educational material and support communication associated with teaching and learning. Virtual learning environments (VLEs) are widespread in higher education today, typically used to deliver instructional materials and facilitate communication within a course. Briefly, we can define online learning in this thesis as an approach to a TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning), in a self regulated method, which utilizes information and communication technology to maximize the acquisition and processing of the knowledge in a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) as a learner centered educational framework. Our conception of education is that it should help students to develop their personalities and to cope with the tasks and challenges that arise from their environments. More formally, education should assist young people in developing meaningful goals and provide them with the knowledge and skills to achieve these. To the extent that they manage to monitor and control the activities to reach their goals, they are said to self-regulate these activities (Steffens, 2006). The online environment calls for students to demonstrate self-regulated learning (Ally, 2004). Dabbagh (2007) characterized successful online learners as those who exhibited self-directed learning skills. Self-regulated learning has been framed in the online education context by Carson (2012) research as an active, constructive process whereby learners set goals for their learning and then attempt to monitor, regulate and control their cognition, motivation and behavior, guided and constrained by their goals and the contextual features in their environments (Bandura, 2001; Pintrich De Groot, 1990; Schunk, 2005; Zimmerman, 2002). the processes of self- regulation as a reciprocal cycle consisting of forethought, performance and self-reflection (Figure 2-2). Each of the phases consists of sub processes that play a greater or lesser part in learning depending on the task, the learner, and the environment (Carson, 2012). Figure (2-2): Phases and sub processes of self-regulation. From Zimmerman, B., Campillo, M. (2003). Motivating self-regulated problem solvers. Manochehr (2006) has made a study where he compared the effects on e-learning versus those on traditional instructor-based learning, on student learning, based on students learning styles. The result was that the learning style in traditional learning was irrelevant but in e-learning it was very important. The study showed that learners with an assimilating or converging learning style achieved better learning results in e-learning. DaÄÅ ¸ Geà §er (2009) stated that recent developments of the online learning are also related to Adaptive educational Hypermedia Systems (AEHS). An AEHS aims to build a model of the goals, preferences and knowledge of each learner and use this model throughout the interaction with the leaner, in order to adapt learning content to the needs of that learner that is adapted specifically to the learners (Brusilovsky, 1996). For example, in an AEHS, learning content knowledge of the subject is given to the learner. In addition, AEHS can support learners in their navigation by limiting browsing space, suggesting most relevant links to follow, or providing adaptive comments to visible links (Brusilovsky, 2003). AEHS researches are centered on learning style based personalization researches (Brown, 2006; Paredes Rodriguez, 2004; Piombo, Batatia Ayache, 2003; Graf, 2007).

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Ethical Standards and the conflict in schools

Educators function as a member of a squad and have a particular relationship with pupils, parents, other school forces, and the community. The quality of these relationships depends non merely on the work performed, but besides on the ethical behaviour demonstrated on the occupation. Educators are faced with ethical issues on a day-to-day footing, including confidentiality, record direction, and the demands placed upon them with the duty of learning pupils and pull offing a schoolroom. Educators frequently face state of affairss where their ain involvements, a pupil ‘s involvement, or the school ‘s involvement may conflict. Ethical criterions help us to go more cognizant of the right class of action with respect to a assortment of positions instead than our ain. Educators are obligated to be as to the full prepared as possible to work ethically, every bit good as lawfully, in the school environment at all times. Ethical criterions supply a model for reflecting on appropriate behaviour. For this assignment, I have researched four articles that address legal and ethical deductions on schoolroom direction in respects to the rights and duties of pupils, parents, and instructors. I will reflect, place, and sum up each article. Finally, I will reason with how these articles have made a difference in how I will pull off my schoolroom. Article 1 The article that I began with is Public school Law: Teachers ‘ and pupil ‘s rights by Martha McCarthy. McCarthy discusses the legal rights of the instructor and the pupil. The Negligent Tort Law shows that instructors may be considered apt if he or she could hold â€Å" foreseen and prevented hurt by exerting proper attention † ( McCarthy, Cambron-McCabe, 1992 ) . The first component of the Negligent Tort Law states that the responsibility to protect is the duty of the instructor – this responsibility includes all necessary safeguards to protect pupils that are under their supervising ( McCarthy, Cambron-McCabe, 1992 ) . Subsequently, if a pupil hurt could hold been anticipated or foreseeable by the instructor and they did non supply sensible supervising of the incident, so, carelessness on the instructor ‘s behalf has occurred ( McCarthy, Cambron-McCabe, 1992 ) . Yet, if a pupil ‘s action or consequence of a pupil ‘s hapless picks contribu ted to the hurt, so the incident itself is considered conducive carelessness, and the instructor is no longer apt ( McCarthy, Cambron-McCabe, 1992 ) . In happening carelessness on a instructor ‘s behalf, one must see the mature and developmentally appropriate behaviour. There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration overall when a negligent claim is filed. Some of such factors are the instructor ‘s enfranchisement, the instructor ‘s preparation, the environment in which the hurt occurred, the instructional activity, and the care of the equipment ( McCarthy, Cambron-McCabe, 1992 ) . How the jurisprudence is stated and the compulsory responsibility of attention can be really intimidating to many instructors and educational professionals. Furthermore, because of such bullying of the Negligent Tort Law, school territories and brotherhoods have mandated specific ordinances, along with policies and processs to forestall such possible incidents from happening ( McCarthy, Cambron-McCabe, 1992 ) . It could be just to state that overall, instructors have the duty to protect their pupils, and the pupils have the right to be protected while in attention of the school. However, when can a instructor ‘s duty take precedency over a pupil ‘s single rights? Hypothetically, a scenario may affect a pupil, whether knowing or non-intentional, seting another pupils wellness or safety in danger. The instructor must look at the public assistance of the pudding stone of pupils and has the right and duty to take the one pupil who is endangering the public assistance of the category from the activity/classroom, or environment to guarantee the wellbeing of the remainder of the category. Some could reason that excepting or taking the pupil is in direct misdemeanor of his/her single rights. The instructor ‘s chief duty of sensible attention could hold been jeopardized due to that pupil ‘s actions as good. Article 2 The 2nd article, Response and Responsibility in the Classroom by Edgar Baguio discusses duties of pupils within the schoolroom. Although Baguio introduces the thought of response of the pupil, which entails how a pupil reacts to a instructor ‘s schoolroom direction system, duty ( Baguio, 2008 ) . Responsibility defines the pupil ‘s occupation of following policies and processs in the schoolroom ( Baguio, 2008 ) . Baguio farther discusses that an effectual schoolroom consists of non merely a instructor, but of pupils who follow through with the schoolroom duties ( Baguio, 2008 ) . He believes that both parties must make their duties so it is easier to trust and swear one another ( Baguio, 2008 ) . The schoolroom direction system becomes less of an issue when trust is established. Article 3 The article Parent-Teacher Conferencing, by Joseph C. Rotter, Edward H. Robinson III, and Mary Ann Fey, discusses the importance of communicating between instructors and parents. It is expressed that there is a important demand for effectual parent-teacher conferencing is the â€Å" legitimate right of parent to hold a voice in the instruction of their kid † ( Rotter et al, pg. 7, 1987 ) . Over the old ages, parents have been progressively more interested in their kids ‘s day-to-day educational activities. Communication is the key. â€Å" When instructors and parents view the educational procedure as a collaborative attempt, the parent-teacher conference becomes a cardinal instructional scheme that will heighten the kid ‘s growing and advance more effectual acquisition † ( Rotter et al, pg. 8, 1987 ) . The article besides addresses the different alterations that affect instructor and parent relationships. The primary concern is the alteration of the household construction and kineticss. The traditional household has changed to being blended, holding individual parents, or holding same sex parents. Because of the obvious alterations, parents and teachers no longer portion common experiences ( Rotter et al, 1987 ) . A opportunity to hold day-to-day interaction has created an obvious cuneus between instructors and parents. The inquiry is how to make full that spread. Communication is the cardinal to making solid dealingss between instructors and parents. Having parent-teacher conferences allows for the most direct signifier of communicating that can be the most meaningful nexus between place and school for the pupil ( Rotter et al, 1987 ) . However, the signifier of communicating is an of import factor. Harmonizing to Rotter et Al, as an pedagogue, holding heat, empathy, regard, concreteness, genuineness, immediateness, and confrontation are of import qualities to hold, but besides cognizing how and when to portray such qualities are requirements for effectual communicating ( Rotter et al, 1987 ) . Article 4 Sarah Ganly wrote Rights and Responsibilities of a Teacher and a Student. Ganly addresses teacher duty within the schoolroom and the rights of the pupils ( Ganly, 2007 ) . Student safety is one of the most of import duties of the instructor ( Ganly, 2007 ) . However, what is different with this peculiar article in comparing to the others is that the parent ‘s rights are addressed. Galley ‘s article addresses that parents have the right to direct their kids to school cognizing that their kid will be safe while in the attention of the school and its instructors ( Ganly, 2007 ) . Teacher ‘s liability and answerability are examined within this article. The illustration of such is that, the jurisprudence states that instructors are â€Å" held apt for a pupil ‘s public assistance if injury is foreseeable † ( Ganly, 2007 ) . Every state of affairs must be viewed separately, and if any, palliating fortunes must be taken into history excessively. When acquisition activities are off premises, the instructor ‘s rights and duties should non be taken lightly. Although, there are many policies and processs that go into readying of field trips, the pupils degree of safety should ever be examined and be the first precedence of instructors and schools. It is a instructor ‘s duty to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of each pupil on a field trip. In order for the instructor to keep overall safety for the pupils, they may hold to be forced to conflict upon a pupil ‘s single rights. This state of affairs within itself can be considered â€Å" grey affair † and fortunes have to be analyzed suitably without premises. Because of the many instances of carelessness and inappropriate behaviour go oning with schools across the state, the rights and duties of pupils and instructors has been a hot controversial issue. There seems to be a important sum of failure of recognition of the direct relationship between pupil â €˜s rights and instructor ‘s duties. Decision I feel confident that my method of schoolroom direction is really appropriate. It is a cross between Wong ‘s Pragmatic Classroom Model and Kagan, Kyle, and Scott ‘s Win-Win Discipline Model. I believe it is the pedagogue ‘s duty to learn pupils how to self-monitor their ain behaviour and keep them accountable. The ultimate ends I have for my pupils is to be able to pull off themselves suitably, to be able to run into their demands through responsible picks, and to be able to develop life accomplishments that will function them into the hereafter. The mix attack of Wong, Kagan, Kyle, and Scott works good for me to promote pupils to take ownership of their learning experience and overall success. Using both Wong ‘s Pragmatic Classroom Model and the Win-Win Discipline Model allows me to keep the pupils responsible for their ain behaviour, larning and success, they both hold the instructor responsible to working hard to keep a safe, positive schoolroom environment that helps pupil work to accomplish personal ends.

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Film Review Clueless - 1083 Words

Film Review: â€Å"Clueless† In the media we see today, and movies that are continually coming out all have a central idea in common. They all show and represent the idealistic perspective of male versus female in society. From cartoons to chick flicks to romances and comedies we notice identifiable differences and trends represented between the two genders. In the movie I watched, â€Å"Clueless,† there are many examples illustrating male superiority over female, ideas of what femininity should be, and female appeal towards the male figures in the film. In the film, Cher the main character describes â€Å"daddies’ a litigator, those are the scariest kinds of lawyers, even our maid Lucy is afraid of him† (Clueless, Heckerling). This quote simply†¦show more content†¦When she answers back to his remark he quotes, â€Å"is it that time of the month again?† The idea of being a female clearly consists of being feminine, and not talking back ju st staying quiet because that’s how society clearly views the role of females. Just because she stood up and answered back with a little higher tone her boyfriend did not accept it because in his eyes females should always be calm. On the other hand, his yelling and shouting clearly was not a problem for him, he saw that as normal. In â€Å"Iron Jawed Angels,† this is shown throughout the movie dating back females couldn’t vote, and it was not okay for some women to speak up for their rights, it was unaccepted by many males. For example, when Emily Leighton ‘s husband found out she was helping the National Women’s Party he confronted her and commanded her to stop giving them money simply because he is a Democratic senator . He basically only cares for what he wants and does not bring to attention his wife beliefs and rights. When she responds back to what he says he describes â€Å"I will be closing your bank account, you can only charge at the gro cer’s and the bills will be sent to me†(Garnier, Iron Jawed Angels). In what he said it showed a sense of hatred and disapproval of his wife’s freedom and of spending her own money on something he does not like. The act of closing her bank account was a form of threat messaging that she should only listen to what he says orShow MoreRelatedClueless Reflection1751 Words   |  8 Pagesbetween being kids to becoming independent adults. The time where we learn all our values and lessons that set us up for life. Good morning Daramalan staff and executive members. Today I will be presenting a film that I believe should be studied in the Daramalan College year 10 curriculum. This film was originally a classic Jane Austen novel called Emma, which is often studied in a literature classroom. Emma was first published in 1815 . The novel based in 1810s, is about 22 year old Emma WoodhouseRead MoreBaby boom Critique1072 Words   |  5 Pagesprofession working 75-80 hours a week. J.C has no time to spare for her personal or romantic life, or relaxation time for that matter with her schedule. (The film shows J. C. and her live-in mate, played by Harold Ramis, grudgingly allocating four minutes for sex one evening before going right back to their reading (Movie Review - Baby Boom - Film: Baby Boom -, n.d.). This movie goes from a career driven women who scared everyone, to a mother in the country who now shows fear. J.C. WiattRead MoreDr. Chandra Kumar s Lock Up1207 Words   |  5 PagesHumiliation in Tamil versatile director Vetrimaran’s film Visaranai(Interrogation)which is based on M. Chandra Kumar’s autobiographical novel Lock Up. The film narrates bitter and painful experiences of the Tamils who work in Andra Pradesh.How the immigrants are treated as aliens in other state even in the same country.The law maker should not be law breaker but it is true sometimes the law maker is a law breaker for their own concerns. The fi lm is a cruelly honest portrayal of what goes on behindRead MoreEdward Snowden Film Review Essay1128 Words   |  5 PagesDrama Review: Snowden The drama film Snowden, released in 2016, is a very popular political drama film based on a real life character, Edward Snowden. In the Film, Edward Snowden, who worked for the FBI, and the NSA, releases controversial files incriminating the United States government to shady practices against US citizens and other countries. Snowden begins the three act structure by introducing Snowden in a hotel in Hong Kong where he begins to share his experience with two reporters. He goesRead MoreThemes And Symbolism In Un Proph?ï ¿ ½te1273 Words   |  6 PagesThere were many themes and symbolism present in the messy and complicated film Un Prophà ¨te (2009) directed by Jacques Audiard but none were more obvious than prison/power relations and the politics of identity. The entire film focuses on the prison life of a young man that goes by the name of Malik Djebena who was thrust into the grimy power struggle of French prison alongside the clash of diverse ethnic groups. At a micro-level the bigger social realities of modern day French society and the experiencesRead More Edward Zwicks Film, Glory Essay1353 Words   |  6 PagesEdward Zwicks Film, Glory â€Å"Glory†, the excellent war film about the first black regime, showed how a group of black men who first found bitterness between each other, rose above it and became one to form a group of black men that marched with pride not animosity. When dealing with a great film that involves African Americans, the roles have to be filled by strong black actors. Edward Zwick falls nothing short of this. The two black roles are filled by Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. ThisRead MoreGay and Lesbian Visibility in Movies and Television1388 Words   |  6 Pageskiss shared by Roseanne and Mariel Hemmingway. In the end, that kiss was also censored. But things were slowly evolving in the movies. Independent films had been featuring gays and lesbians as main characters, depicting real life and real relationships. Armistead Maupins Tales of The City revolved around a homo-hetero pairing. The hit movie Clueless introduced a young audience to the concept of having a supportive gay friend as a character. The Birdcage, starring Nathan Lane and Robin Williams centeredRead MoreDifferent Directions May Lead For Success1338 Words   |  6 Pagesand ideas, while fixed mindset has to work harder until it came naturally. Overall, having two types of mindset as individuals can help understand the difference, however, a similar trait of success is learning and failure. The film, â€Å"Why Not Us,† College board films about learning and failure. There are four first generation students who are attending college, lost their sense of direction and goes on a road trip to interview well know successor. Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO of StarbucksRead More Mansfield Park, the novel, or Mansfield Park the film? Essay1842 Words   |  8 Pagesall six of her novels have been made into films or television dramas with varying degrees of success, from the classics of Persuasion, Pride amp; Prejudice and Sense amp; Sensibility, to the funny modern version of Emma in the form of Clueless. In this paper I want to show how director Patricia Rozema has made Austens novel Mansfield Park much more modern, accessible, and, as some claim, radical, by skipping parts of the story that would make the film version drag, and importing events and dialogueRead MoreAnalysis Of More Than One Way1317 Words   |  6 PagesHarper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, it comes with ease to agree with the following points that she makes about previous interpretations of the context of the novel. As mentioned previously Murray begins the article by stating how when authors review Lee’s novel they always mention the reoccurring theme of â€Å"coming of age† and see that this theme is being address towards the character Scout, whom they believe is the protagonist of the novel. Murray however contradicts this claim and mentions that

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The Services That Promote Sex And Relationship Education

This assignment will look at the services that promote sex and relationship education. It will identify the current health issues on promoting and teaching children about sex and relationship education in schools at a young age. Sex and relationships education has been a highlighted topic for over time which is being highly debated about whether it should taught to young children. There are mixed views on how sex and relationship education is taught, statistics show ‘Most parents (65%) believe that sex education should encourage young people to delay sexual activity’ (Kaiser Family Foundation in 2000). Whereas some parents disagree as they think their children are too young to know about sex and relationships, this essay will look at the†¦show more content†¦SRE is important because children have the rights to know the basic understanding of sex and relationship education. As it is also part of the curriculum which states ‘The sex education elements of the National Curriculum order are compulsory for all pupils of primary school age. As these cover anatomy, biological aspects of sexual reproduction and the use of hormones and promote fertility’ (National Curriculum 2010, The Education Act 1996). This is covered in schools through varies activities such as role plays as this is seen to be an effective way of addressing and acting out sensitive topics and issues, keeping children’s privacy keeping children anonymous and assemblies to give them the basic knoweldge and understanding of SRE which is also included in the level 2 health literacy plan. As it state ‘Providing basic information provides the foundation on which more complex knowledge is built up over time’ (D Wight 1998, DFE 2000). This supports children to take part in activities that would make them more aware of their own feelings/emotions and when they know what appropriate and inappropriate behaviour is the theory of health promotion school 2005 As this helps children build positive relationship with other children and later on in life this can be done by having mentors for children who want to speak to someone alone as some children may be embarrassed to speak about it. SRE has proved reduce chances of unwanted or

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To the uninformed observer this does not really make sense. How can a

Essays on To the uninformed observer this does not really make sense. How can a firm with such a low profit be worth so much on the stock market Essay MARKET CAPITALISATION IN RELATION TO PROFITS and MARKET CAPITALISATION IN RELATION TO PROFITS Introduction A company’s value is determined by calculating the current market value of shares held in the company. This is market capitalisation or â€Å"market cap†. On the other hand, profit is the value over and above revenues net expenses. This paper will elaborate on the link between profits and valuation in an aim to explain why a company with low profits may have very high market capitalisation. Companies always quote a higher market capitalisation value than the actual book value that is calculated by multiplying the number of shares and the share price. This is because above the value of assets plus liabilities of a company, there is the value that the company has earned due to its existence in the market. This is known as goodwill. It is earned through a good reputation and uniqueness in brand. Contrary, profits are calculated by a net of all expenses from the revenue earned. Therefore, profits are not directly related to the market capitalisation. According to (Market Capitalisation, 24), despite a company having high market capitalisation, it may earn low profits or even get losses. This paper examines a case study on social media company, Facebook. In the year 2012, it was estimated to have made a profit of $32m USD while its market capitalisation was estimated at $90bn USD that year in May. It is essential to make clear why such a situation would occur. In accordance to (Holtzman, Mark and Sinnet, 20), market capitalisation encompasses more than just the balance sheet items. These other items include the market position of the company, its brand, the abilities of management and the growth potential of the company. Hence, companies may have very high market capitalisation as compared to their profits. Profits may also be quite low due to several factors such as research and development expenses and capital expenditure as claimed in (Easton et al, 12). Research and development are the costs of penetrating new markets and promotional costs while capital expenditure include costs that are incurred in a company to maintain its assets. According to Oliver (10), profits reflect the gain that the company makes in earning revenue net all expenses. It is significant to note that the value of the company may not necessarily affect the value of profits it makes. This is since; a corporation may have invested in many assets, which are part of its market cap. However, it may not be simultaneously earning very high revenue and may be incurring very high costs to get a steady position in the market due to factors such as competition. Hence, this explains why Facebook as a company may have been making low profits despite their market capitalisation being high. The case study on the company also shows that by December 2013, the company was worth $140bn USD, showing a significant increase in value. This may have been due to the increase in number of shares by that time as compared to the previous year before the public offering. Various companies have continued to operate in losses despite their high market capitalisation, which is not an abnormal trend. This is because, the link between profits and market capitalisation is not a direct one. For instance, the company may have high obligations in terms of liabilities, or a high number of shares issued which increases its market capitalisation. However, the increase in the market cap does not necessarily mean increase in profits for the company as shared in (Cohen, Lauren and Karl, 34). It simply means that the company is worth a certain value but does not affect the profits directly. The only way profits would be maintained at a high level is when the company minimises its costs effectively a nd increases its revenue significantly. These ways of minimising costs include opting for cheaper sources of finance, reducing capital expenditure and trimming development costs. According to (Lafley and Ram,26),increasing revenue can also be done through introducing new features in goods and services offered, creating customer loyalty and attracting more potential customers. Conclusion This paper concludes that a company’s value is not directly related to its profits. This means that a company may be making low profits as compared to its net worth. Therefore when analysing financial information of a company it is essential to note that the profits accounted may not reflect their market capitalisation as claimed in (Smith, Gordon and Russel, 28). This is also because the two elements are affected by different factors and are calculated differently. Such that market capitalisation is affected by trends in the stock market while profits depend mainly on the costs incurred by the company. Through the critical analysis of the issue of market capitalisation in relation to profits, this paper has explained why the situation of Facebook was quite normal. References Cohen, Lauren, and Karl B. Diether, 2012. Legislating stock prices. Cambridge, Mass.: National Bureau of Economic Research. Easton, Peter D, John J. and Robert F, 2006. Financial accounting for MBAs. Second ed. Cambridge, U.K.? Cambridge Business Publishers. Holtzman, Mark P., and William M. Sinnett, 2009. Goodwill impairments. Florham Park, NJ: Financial Executives Research Foundation. Lafley, A. G., and Ram C, 2008. The game-changer: how you can drive revenue and profit growth with innovation. New York: Crown Business. Market capitalisation. 2009. Mosman: IMinds. Smith, Gordon V., and Russell L., 2000. Valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets. Third Ed. New York: Wiley, Oliver, L., 2000. The cost management toolbox a managers guide to controlling costs and boosting profits. New York: AMACOM.