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How Popular is Your Favorite Novel

How Popular is Your Favorite Novel Ever wonder if other readers also love the novel you love most? Ever love a story that makes you feel unique? Ever feel youve found a forgotten classic that no one else reads? Well, Goodreads has a stats feature that can confirm or deny your hunches about your favorite novel. Go to Goodreads and search on your all-time favorite book. Im going to use The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood as my example. Title page at Goodreads for The Handmaids Tale From the main page, we know that 657,626 people have rated The Handmaids Tale, 33,939 have written reviews, and it has scored an average of 4.06 out of 5 stars (657,626, 33,939, 4.06). However, if you click on the Stats hyperlink on the upper right (circled in red), you see another set of very interesting statistics. Goodreads user stats for The Handmaids Tale The blue line is the key indicator. It tells how many readers added this title to their Goodreads library each day. Red reveals how many readers rate the book, which usually happens just after they read it. Green shows how many readers hope to read the book. And yellow, even though its usually the lowest number, tell us how many readers took the time to write a review. Now, type in titles of more of your favorite books. Compare their numbers with each other, and with very popular books. This will give you an idea of how relatively popular your reading tastes run. Try to find the most popular book youve read, and the least popular. I find the books I love with the lowest stats reveal the most  about my personality. It can hurt when you discover that something so special to you is completely ignored by the rest of the world. But it can also be sharply defining. Study the graph above. Notice that just after Donald Trump took office there was a surge in buying The Handmaids Tale, and another surge when the TV miniseries came out on Hulu. Currently, about 2,600 copies are added to Goodreads each day. Thats quite remarkable. Quite often there are dramatic spikes in the Goodreads statistics. I wonder if Book Riot (or other bookish sites) published something that makes folks run out to get the book? I just compared these results to the book Im currently listening to, We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor. (11,535, 1,213, 4.32). Roughly 120 people a day add it to their Goodreads bookshelves. These numbers arent super high compared to famous books, but very high compared to other new science fiction books, revealing Taylor has a hit on his hands. However, one of my personal all-time favorite stories, Empire Star by Samuel R. Delany (586, 58, 3.8) is seldom added to Goodreads, at best one copy a day on average. I recently wrote about this novella for Book Riot, Simplex, Complex, Multiplex: Samuel R. Delany and Experience vs. Reading. Between the Goodreads stats and the response from the essay, I know Im in love with a tale that few people care about or know. Popularity is not an indicator of quality, but it does show how our interests intersect with the interests of others, and I find that rather fascinating. Save Save

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An Analysis Of The Reasons For The Commercial Success Of The The Hunger Games Movie - Free Essay Example

This essay will present an analysis of some of the reasons for the commercial success of the recent movie The Hunger Games a film that generated $155m in ticket sales in the US alone (LA Times, 2012). One of the key activities of the marketing function is to undertake environmental analysis in order to consider adaptations to the marketing mix which will ultimately lead to higher levels of profitability (Jobber, 2007). A key aspect which the success of The Hunger Games draws upon is a changing social dynamic within the external environment which has seen a preference of consumers for movies over books. As such, it is argued that the success rate of many recent movies including The Hunger Games and other well known films such as the Harry Potter series have come from what is essentially a product adaption from book to motion picture, a conversion which better meets the needs of the consumer (LA Times, 2012). Other factors that may be seen as relating to the successes driven by considerations in the external environment relate to the timing of the release of the product. A well known definition of good marketing being the right product, in the right place at the right time (Brassington and Pettitt, 2006). In this case, Velasco (2012) argues that the timing of the release of the product was a crucial piece of marketing, in effect the March rollout seeing that The Hunger Games was released into a market which was largely devoid of competition with many competing major motion pictures not being due for release until the later summer period. Other theoretical considerations which a id ones understanding of the reasons for the commercial success of the hunger games may relate to customer segmentation and targeting (Kotler et al, 2009). In this case, sources compare the success of The Hunger Games to that of the Harry Potter series. Here it is indicated that The Hunger Games takes advantage of a broader approach to demographic segmentation than that of the Harry Potter films (LA Times, 2012). For instance, while the Harry Potter series has a very limited audience, namely children and those looking after them, The Hunger Games was marketed at a much broader demographic including the lucrative teenage segment. As such, a broader interpretation of the segmentation concept saw The Hunger Games simply having a wider audience to draw upon in the first place. Some sources have also indicated that in its current format as a motion picture, the film has downplayed the romantic aspects of the original book in an attempt to further widen the appeal to both male and female segments of the population (Velasco, 2012). Again this may be seen as a key reason for the success of the movie with an audience which is potentially twice as big in comparison to targeting only one gender group. Other sources in analysing the commercial success of the movie have considered the direct promotional elements of the marketing mix (Brassington and Pettit, 2006) most notably focusing upon contemporary forms of promotion such as social media advertising (Belch and Belch, 2009). In this case, Acuna (2012) argues that The Hunger Games has made use of the most comprehensive social media marketing campaign of any movie to date which has included a raft of activity on social networking sites such as Facebook and activity using other sources such as Tumbler and Twitter. Such activities are designed to effectively amplify the official messages transmitted by advertisers with advertising in the social media often resembling that of traditional word of mouth forms of marketing ( Yeshin, 2006). In analysing this element of the marketing mix, one may consider that the use of such promotional activities also links to the segmentation and targeting strategy as previously outlined. In this case, one may see that the teenage to early twenties target audience is also the audience which is most susceptible to social media and other forms of contemporary advertising. Other sources such as Reuters (2012) go further in assessing the impact of The Hunger Games online and social media marketing campaign. In this case there is a consideration that the marketing campaign on the behalf of The Hunger Games in the social media environment has been so large in scale and so successful that this will limit the amount of money future film producers spend on traditional advertising such as television advertising. Despite this success seen in the context of The Hunger Games, the article (Reuters, 2012) goes on to point out that such a tactic is far from risk free with the previ ous 2009 film Bruno suffering from bad-word-of-mouth reviews in the online social environment and damaging the credibility of the offer. Despite the use and success of contemporary forms of marketing such as online marketing and social media marketing, the films promoters have not neglected classical forms of promotional material with considerable effort being made to raise the profile of the movie through traditional paper based forms of advertising. In this case Acuna (2012) indicated that in the US 80,000 free posters for the film were handed out while another 3,000 billboard and bus shelter hoardings were paid for. All of these may be seen as key methods of raising the profile of a marketing offer in the context of an untargeted marketing audience (Yeshin, 2006). Having reviewed the evidence there is little doubt that the recent major motion picture The Hunger Games has been a commercial success and that furthermore, a large amount of this success has been due to positive marketing activities. However, the paper has also revealed that in order to create such a marketing success a whole range of activities and factors have had to be taken into account including environmental analysis, effective segmentation and the creation of an innovative marketing mix. If there is a single important factor to be derived from this paper then it is perhaps the need for contemporary marketers to truly understand the changing landscape of the promotional environment in which social media marketing may now be seen as a core area of focus moving forward. Bibliography Acuna, K. (2012). The Hunger Games by the numbers: 20 marketing tactics to ensure success. Available online at: [Accessed on 19/11/12]. Belch, G, E. Belch, M, A. (2009). Advertising and promotion. 8th ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill. Brassington, F, Pettitt, S. (2006). Principals of marketing. 2nd ed. Harlow: FT Prentice Hall. Jobber, D. (2007). Principles and practice of marketing. 5th ed. London: McGraw Hill. Kotler, P, Keller, K, L, Brady, M, Goodman, M, Hansen, T. (2009). Marketing management. Harlow: Pearson Education. LA Times. (2012). The hunger games: five lessons from its box office success. Available online at: [Accessed on 19/11/12]. Reuters. (2012). Hunger Games success spells trouble for TV ads. Available online at: hollywood-socialmedia-idINDEE8430EM20120504 [Accessed on 19/11/12]. Velasco, S. (2012). How The Hunger Games scored a marketing win. Available online at: [Accessed on 19/11/12]. Yeshin, T. (2006). Advertising. Australia: South-Western.

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The Appointment By Herta Muller - 1615 Words

ISU Novel Study #1: The Appointment by Herta Mà ¼ller Question: In some literary works, memories and recollections are used to give insight on a character or the society in which they reside. Choose a novel and assess the use of shifting between the present and past as it contributes to the understanding of the work as a whole. Hook: 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan once stated, â€Å"Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.† Transition: Nicolae Ceausescu was a Romanian Communist leader who was a member of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965 to 1989. While his time in office began with a relatively moderate rule, he quickly became both brutal and tyrannical. His firm stance on controlling speech†¦show more content†¦The whole book and her internal monologue add to the torturous feel of the appointments and getting the insight on her thoughts on and experiences with Albu helps a reader understand the daunting Securitate of Communist Romania. Quote 2: â€Å"He [Paul] took the brandy into the kitchen and locked himself in.† This is a quote in reference to a time when the narrator’s husband Paul’s tools and tubing were taken away. Paul enjoyed making things and two men came in and took away all his things because of â€Å"black marketeering.† This prompted Paul to locked himself in a room with brandy. This shows again the control of the state, and how abruptly they can take away things you love. This is particularly important because it explores a more emotional aspect, of the government not only instilling fear within you, but keeping you away from things you enjoy. Not only that, but they can prompt such a response from you causing you to isolate yourself and resort to forms of escapism such as alcoholism. This alcoholism causes a strain on the relationship between the narrator and Paul. Compare this to the first few pages of the novel â€Å"whenever Paul’s out on the town, barhopping late at ni ght, I’m afraid he’ll never come home again.† Showing no progression in his drinking over the course of the time he is being controlled and his wife is being constantly questioned. He even says he does it to â€Å"protect his soul.† It consumes a majority of his time so that he can forget about the

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Discrimination And Discrimination Against Minority Groups

Nowadays discrimination still exists throughout the world and in particular in the work and education sectors. â€Å"Discrimination stifles opportunities, wasting the human talent needed for economic progress, and accentuates social tensions and inequalities† (International Labour Organization). That’s why the existence and especially the persistence of racial or sexist discrimination have led to the introduction of new policies in many countries. Indeed, in order to fight the issue of discrimination and redress the injustices, the positive discrimination concept has been introduced. This term, also named affirmative action, was first used by President Kennedy in 1961 in the United States. Its goal is â€Å"to overcome disadvantage over and above whatever is required to prevent actual discrimination against minority groups† (E.Burney 1988: 1). In other words, this measure tries to give more to those who have less in order to put everyone on an equal footing. Affirmative action policies mainly focus on education and employment. For instance in higher education, thanks to the positive action policy, an equal access to education is provided for groups who are generally excluded or underrepresented (National Conference of State Legislatures 2014). In this paper the advantages and the disadvantages of positive discrimination will be shown. As the name suggests, positive discrimination implies discrimination. In fact, one of its disadvantages is the fact that its aim is to endShow MoreRelatedAffirmative Action And Discrimination Against Women And Minority Groups1386 Words   |  6 PagesA policy designed to redress past discrimination against women and minority groups through measures to improve their economic and educational opportunities. By definition seems to explain affirmative action and to help subsidize for past discrimination. Affirmative action has foremost affects in college admissions and employment. Especially, in employment more qualified women applicants are hired solely in the fact that they are members of a minority group. The Women’s Movement has fought for theRead MoreA Brief Note On Climate Change, Biodiversity, And Discrimination Against Minority Groups Essay1599 Words   |  7 PagesUsing the Eurobarometer 83.4: Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Discrimination against Minority Groups (May- June 2015, ICPSR 36403) for the purpose of comparing various counties in the European Union. Eurobarometer is a series of public opinion surveys conducted regularly on behalf of the European Commission. The scope of the project would be to look into the information given in the Eurobarometer and to compare why some countries have common characteristic while others have a great range betweenRead MoreRacial Discrimination : The Worst Form Of Inequality1388 Words   |  6 Pagesthings equal.† Racial discrimination occurs everyday to many different people. In America,the individuals who are usually discriminated against are the minorities like African Americans and Hispanics. Affirmative action is a policy that was created and has been claimed to be positive discrimination. The policy was created to give equal opportunity to groups of people who are usually discriminated against. Although Affirmative action has been named to be positive and support minorities, it is still unjustRead MoreDiscrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination947 Words   |  4 Pages Discrimination is an action or practice that excludes disadvantages or merely differentiates between individuals on the basis of some ascribed or perceived trait. Discrimination can be caused by stereotyping and prejudice. Stereotyping is a widely fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person. Prejudice is a preconceived opinion that is not based on a reason or an actual experience. Some groups that are more likely to be discriminated against are; women, ethnic minoritiesRead MoreDiscrimination And Quality Care Of Patients Essay1494 Words   |  6 Pagesphysicians for discrimination and quality care of patients but never a study on non-physician healthcare staff. To correct this problem, researchers decided to do a study on the non-physician healthcare staff. This study examined the discrimination of minorities in a healthcare setting from non-physician healthcare staff. There were interviews conducted by race and gender of 55 African Americans and 37 Europea n Americans. As a result, these individuals reported feelings of being discriminated against and havingRead MoreThe Equal Employment Opportunity Act1119 Words   |  5 PagesOpportunity Act or, EEO Act of 1972, established a goal to make racial, ethnic, and gender minorities on the same level of white males in employment (â€Å"Equal Employment†). This was because of the dominance that white males held in the workplace and the struggle for minorities to get and keep a job, sometimes due to discrimination. Through this act, Affirmative Action was established to ensure that a certain amount of minorities were able to get a quality education and to get jobs in places that they would haveRead MoreEssay about Race Based Employment Discrimination1229 Words   |  5 PagesRace Based Employment Discrimination Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and various other federal and state laws prohibit intentional discrimination based on ancestry or ethnicity. Some employers practice blatant forms of minority discrimination by paying lower salaries and other compensation to blacks and Hispanics. Others engage in quota systems by denying promotions and jobs to individuals on the basis of race or color. Federal laws prohibit employers of 15 or more employees from discriminatingRead MoreDiscrimination on Basis of Appearance Essay1143 Words   |  5 PagesBy definition, discrimination describes the treatment against or towards a person of a specific group according to his classification, order or rank. Discrimination may be between individuals or groups of a different race, tribe, ethnic group or background. Gender, employment and reverse discrimination are a few examples. All forms of bigotry imply rejection or exclusion. Various religious groups permit unfair treatment based on certain principals and allow for intolerance against single mothersRead MoreThe Minority Group Patients Try To Avoid Being Associated1568 Words   |  7 PagesThe minority group patients try to avoid being associated with doctors from the dominant groups. And this situation has been continuously increasing as a perceived solution to the discrimination experienced by minority groups. The problem with this is that physicians turned out to be more focused in one race practice that may affect other patients from different race (Nayer, Hadnott, and Venable 2010). However, there are researchers who found out that same-race discrimination also exists in the healthRead MoreThe Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Essay1444 Words   |  6 Pagesto minorities on paper and giving them opportunities to voice their political and community concerns. However, there were unforeseen consequences that added to the suffering of the community which they expressed through riots and protest marches in efforts to ensure their new protec tions were enforced. The advancement of the Act helped the African American civil rights group in their awareness and voice in government, made tremendous strides in their group, and contributed to other minorities to

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Statement of Purpose for Economics - 800 Words

Coming from the general business background, I find economics the most influential and powerful social science in societys daily life. Good knowledge of economics leads to better decision-making and choices, understanding how people and countries interact with each other and can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals and in the larger scale to countries. I want to study economics and build a solid knowledge in the field to be able to see the causes of things more clearly, understand and find out the ways to make good economic decisions, and build a career through which I can make good contribution to the field by using the acquired academic skills correctly. My independent research in the field started with my curious interest in the processes of how decisions made by individuals and governments, what are the main factors encouraged them to choose particular decision over other options and the outcomes of those decisions. Then, I started to read theories of great Economists, such as, Keynes, Freidman , Devenport, Kinnerly and Mason who wrote on decision-making and the ability of individual to interpret the information. Additionally, there were theories by De Bondt , Clark , Tversky and Kehnman who argued that human psychology is interconnected with economics which cannot be ignored. Learning those theories and comparing them with the real life happenings, my enthusiasm to get deeper insights of economics increased. Encouraged by this, I have compiledShow MoreRelatedStatement of Purpose - Economics Issue781 Words   |  4 Pagesrealization of an economic issue occured 12 years ago when I moved from Lisbon to Sà £o Paulo, Brazil. In man y aspects the differences between the two countries were striking, and I was particularly shocked when I learned that brazilian minimum wage was one fifth that of the portuguese. At the time, I questioned how two countries could have such different minimum wages and subsequently how Brazilians survived with such low income. Throughout the years I continued to see these economic contrasts originatingRead MoreStatement of Purpose to Study Economics564 Words   |  2 PagesThe desire to study Economics at degree level was clear to me before I took my GCSEs. The insight the subject gave me, even at a basic level, was incomparable to any subject I had studied. It combined the analytical skills of Maths with the critical curiosity of English, the social issues of Geography, and the breadth of knowledge History provides. It was central to my progress at school: I was the highest achieving GCSE student and was awarded the Sixth Form Economics Prize. Continuing my studyRead MoreThe Disclosure Of The And E Of Financial Reporting Essay1143 Words   |  5 Pagesdisclosure of PPE as per AASB116 and Western area’s disclosure on the PPE of financial statement. It firstly outlines the objective of the general purpose financial reporting of company and its relevance to the qualitative characteristics such as re levant, faithful representation, timeliness, verifiability, comparability and understandability. It will then go on investigates and analyze Western area’s current general purpose financial reporting and its future advices. In particular, this report will discussRead MoreProposed Property Acquisition Blue-Eyed Nellie Wildlife Management Area North Lily Property1032 Words   |  5 Pagesenvironmental assessment (EA), Proposed Property Acquisition Blue-Eyed Nellie Wildlife Management Area North Lily Property, in reference to the NEPA Environmental Assessment Checklist, has the proper parts for a well-written assessment. The purpose and need statement is full of rich content allowing the reader to feel fully versed on the topic. It describes the property in question in detail along with the vegetation and animals populating the area. The ability to partake in the purchase is illustratedRead MoreThe General Purpose Financial Reporting And The Background Of The Iasb Essay1329 Words   |  6 PagesExecutive summary In this report, the introduction introduces the origin of the general purpose financial reporting and the background of the IASB. The first paragraph analysis the objective of general purpose financial reporting is the basis foundation of the conceptual framework, and discuss the six qualitative characteristics of the useful financial information which separate to two main part: fundamental and enhancing. The second paragraph extent the Boral Limited has highly met the disclosureRead MoreThe Australia Holdings Pty Ltd Essay848 Words   |  4 Pagesattention must be drawn to SAC1, â€Å"Definition of the Reporting Entity†, as issued by the Australian Accounting Standards Board. SAC1, defines a reporting entity, as an economic entity, in which it is expected that a substantiated group of users, rely on an entity’s general purpose financial reports. Such reliance on general purpose financial reports, as defined in SAC1, paragraphs 12 15, are deemed important by dependent external users, as they affect evaluative decisions with regards to the allocationRead MorePersonal Strategic Plan For A Business Organization1282 Words   |  6 PagesThe purpose of this paper would be a personal strategic plan for myself in which visualizes me as a business organization, or as You, Inc. Therefore, to create a personal strategy one must examine a mission statement, vision statement, and understand the environmental scan to identify external opportunities and threats; in which, an individual or organization gathers information about the market, society, its competitors, and oneself. A mission statement defines an individual purpose for achievingRead MoreImportance of Financial Statements1034 Words   |  5 PagesFinancial statements, also known as financial reports, record the financial activities of a business in short and long term. The four financial statements are: balance sheet, income statement, statement of retained earnings, and statement of cash flows . A balance sheet reports the assets, liabilities, and net equity on a company. An income statement reports income, expenses, and profits on a company. A statement of retained earnings shows a company s changed retained earnings. The statement of cashRead MoreAuditors in the Business World1642 Words   |  7 Pagesidentifying, recording, and communicating the economic events of an organization to interested users to make sound decisions. In accounting identifying economic events involves selecting the economic activities related to a particular organization such as paying out salaries to employees of a particular entity. In turn, once these economic activities have been identified they are recorded in the books daily into a systematic system measured in dollars. These economic events are then classified and summarizedRead MoreEssay on Homework Assignment Ch1-21067 Words   |  5 Pagesbasic premises: 1) the FASB should be responsive to the needs and viewpoints of the entire economic community not just the public accounting profession. 2) it should operate in full view of the public through a â€Å"due process† system that gives interested person ample opportunity to make their views known. To ensure the achievement of these goals, the FASB follows specific steps to develop a typical FASB statement of financial accounting standards. (chapter 1 Intermediate Accounting, 14th Edition

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Does Insecure Attachment Relate From The Behavior

Does insecure attachment relate to subsequent maladaptive behavior? Babies have a biological drive to form a connection with a primary caregiver, forming an attachment, which can take many forms. A fundamental part of healthy development is a secure attachment, characterized by love and attention from a caregiver. Attachment styles form the basis of subsequent internal working models, or mental construal of the self, others, and relationships based on one’s history of care. An infant with a history of positive experiences will form positive interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, insecurely attached children will not follow a normal course of development and exhibit negative behaviors in the social environment. These children display aggressive and inconsistent behavior. This is due to the child experiencing abusive and neglectful behavior from a caregiver, and forming a negative internal working model based on such experiences throughout development. Current research examines a link between attachment insecurity and later delin quency, particularly in the realm of sexual offense. The current literature review draws from a plethora of different sources that discuss attachment, and its implications toward future criminal behavior. Marshall, Hudson Ward (1996) described the implications of secure or insecure attachment on future relationships, intimacy, and sexual deviancy. These researchers found a connection between insecure attachment, negative internalShow MoreRelatedThe Motivation For Volunteering Is Not Always Based On Altruistic Motives1220 Words   |  5 PagesBy utilizing Bowlby’s attachment theory to break down and better understand individual involvement or lack of involvement in volunteering, and then separating their individual motives into the six categories refined and developed by (Clary ET AL. 1998) from the functional theorizing of Katz in 1960 and Smith in 1956, in Understanding and Assessing the Motivation for Volunteering. We can examine how these two support systems compliment a nd interplay in the minds of potential support providers, andRead MoreAn Attachment Theoretical Framework For Personality Disorders1532 Words   |  7 PagesLiterature Review and Analysis In the article titled An Attachment Theoretical Framework for Personality Disorders explores how John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth’s attachment theory provides a coherent perception of â€Å"intrapsychic and interpersonal† (2013) aspects of personality disorders, such as antisocial personality disorder. Adverse attachment is often at the root of most antisocial personality disorders. This theoretical groundwork pairs breadth and parsimony to the conceptualization of BowlbyRead MoreResearch On Attachment Theory On The Bonds Created Between Infants And Their Caregivers1730 Words   |  7 PagesTraditional research on Attachment Theory focuses on the bonds created between infants and their caregivers within the first few years of life. When tested, these children typically display an â€Å"organized† pattern of behavior when seeking comfort and safety from their caregiver. Organized attachments are those that follow a specific pattern of behavior and are clearly de fined as secure, insecure—avoidant, or insecure—ambivalent. However, there remains a percentage of children who fail to engageRead MoreThe Theory Of Love By Robert J. Sternberg1458 Words   |  6 Pagescontext. It can be applied to early development studies of attachment theory, such as those by John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, and carried over to our studies of romance and love through the works of Robert J. Sternberg. Many of our class lessons have focused on cause and effect: childhood cause and adulthood effect. Thus it is not strange to note, Sternberg’s research, the triangular theory of love, is impacted by Bowlby and Ainsworth’s attachment theory. As we notice within each stage and style of relationshipRead MoreThe Effects Of Personal Attachment Style On Romantic Relationship Satisfaction1718 Words   |  7 PagesThe Effects of Personal Attachment Style on Romantic Relationship Satisfaction Our earliest relationships in life can be deeply formative in shaping our development. Created by John Bowlby, attachment theory relates the importance of attachment in regards to personal development. According to Bowlby, attachment is the leading factor in our ability to form and maintain relationships as adults (Levy 2012, pg. 157). As human beings, we need to feel as if we belong (Cherry, 2016). We find this belongingnessRead MoreThe Priming Of Attachment Style And The Effects On Romantic Relationship Satisfaction1734 Words   |  7 Pages Attachment Style and Relationship Satisfaction: The Priming of Attachment Style and the Effects on Romantic Relationship Satisfaction Milynn C. Scheer Point Loma Nazarene University â€Æ' Introduction Our earliest relationships in life can be deeply formative in shaping our development. Created by John Bowlby, attachment theory relates the importance of attachment in regards to personal development. According to Bowlby, attachment is the leading factor in our ability to form and maintain relationshipsRead MoreSome Of The Greatest Joys In A Person’S Life, As Well As1143 Words   |  5 Pagesof aloneness (Gen. 2:18-25). From the time we are born and continuing throughout adulthood, connections sustain us in life. These bonds produce joy in good times and provide comfort and support during trials and suffering. Poor bonds with others contribute to fear, mistrust, anxiety, emptiness, and a host of other personal and relational problems. Recent research into Attachment Theory confirms these ideas. As a student of psychology, I have come to appreciate Attachment Theory as I have seen its implicationsRead MoreAttachment Styles And Levels Of Depression1644 Words   |  7 Pagesre lationships between attachment styles and levels of depression were investigated. A total of 28 individuals were recruited from a psychology class at Diablo Valley College located in Pleasant Hill, California. The Attachment Questionnaire for Children (AQC) was used to measure attachment style in childhood. The Beck Depression Inventory (BAI-II) was used to measure levels of depression in young adults. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between (a) attachment styles in childhoodRead MoreThe Theory Of The Attachment Theory1742 Words   |  7 Pagesqualities of a child s development is the child s relationship with their caregiver. From determining a child s early attachment patterns, it can help further the child s behavior in later development, and the way the child will relate to others in her years to come. The acknowledgment of this simple fact has led many psychologists to create theories and findings to support this idea. Bowlby’s creation of the A ttachment Theory sparked many famous psychologists to come up with ways to support his theoryRead MoreAinsworth s Theory Of Attachment1184 Words   |  5 PagesKeller Instructor Hira Nair Psychology 0101 Ainsworth’s Theory of Attachment 11/02/2015 Introduction I chose the topic of human attachment because I think it is a beautiful thing to watch. To see an infant so instantly attached to its mother/father. It’s just an amazing thing to see and to experience. In this layout I will briefly explain the attachment theory and its origins as well as how I relate to it. Attachment is the emotional bond that forms between an infant and its caregiver

The Education And Development In Uae Education Essay Free Essays

After the constitution of the federation in United Arab Emirates, the Starting of the quality instruction has begun. In UAE till the university degree public instruction is free for male and females of United Arab Emirates. Education system of UAE comprises of in-between schools, primary schools and high schools. We will write a custom essay sample on The Education And Development In Uae Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now In United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) primary school registration for males campaigners in 2005 stood at 85 % and 81 % of females about in Unites provinces of Emirates. In secondary school of UAE stayed less at 62 % for males and 66 % for females. In the twelvemonth of 2003, ages of 15 to 24 males reached at 98 per centum literacy and 96 per centum for females this record is submitted in ‘CIA World Factbook ‘ of UAE. Literacy rate of United Arab Emirates in 1989 was 53 % which is improved exponentially during the period of 2000-2007 and right now 90 % people of UAE peoples are literate it means they can read and compose easy. The state of affairs of private schools of UAE is better than authorities schools and in the large metropoliss like Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are about 50 % of pupils in private school of UAE. Harmonizing to World Bank study which is published in 2010, 16.83 was the student-teacher ratio ( pupil-teacher ratio ) of UAE. ( Gyimah, 2011 ) Earlier in 1960 before the find of oil, United Arab Emirates was a hapless state and its instruction system is worst every bit good. Harmonizing to surveies there were merely 15-20 schools in Dubai metropolis and Abu Dhabi had a same status. Those pupils who want to takes higher instruction they have to travel abroad chiefly to U.S. and England. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum dedicated his life to the development of national instruction system and provided the indispensable foundation for the modernisation of Dubai. Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan introduced CERT ( Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training ) in 1999 which supplying a different instruction system plan for all nationalities of UAE. In 2003 Education Ministry of United Arab Emirates followed â€Å" Education 2020 † which is a series of 5 twelvemonth programs introduced to improved advanced accomplishments of pupils, instruction techniques and self-learning qualities of pupils and besides intr oduced new enhanced course of study for math and scientific discipline for 1st grade degree in all authorities schools of UAE. Nowadays Education system of UAE besides includes foreign linguistic communication such as English, So that pupils of Emirates able to hold on the international linguistic communication. Right now there are many universities like Higher Colleges of Technology, American Universities of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates University that are supplying wellness scientific discipline, technology, information engineering and concern around the state. EIBFS was established for fiscal and banking surveies in 1983. ( Kitaura, 2010 ) Research Question The chief purpose of this surveies or research is to analyze the educational public presentation of UAE and improves quality acquisition, pupil registration in schools and finally betterment in economic growing of UAE. What are the most cost-efficient policies to better school registration? Efficiency and effectivity are the two perceptive to analyze effectivity and efficiency of school registration. Efficiency has two parts internal and external. If schools are accomplishing their ends without blowing their valuable resources so it is known as internal efficiency. External efficiency analyzes Educational returns. So fundamentally in the betterment of economic growing betterment of labour productiveness is of import. Other cost-efficient policy is effectiveness which is all depends on the ‘cognitive accomplishments ‘ of pupil and have analyze utilizing traditional trial based system. Cost-efficient policies will assist the instruction system by supplying the much better instruction installations with much lower cost. What is the political feasibleness of cost-efficient instruction policies? By utilizing cost effectual policies both effect and their cost taken into consideration in systematic manner.Political feasibleness is a judgement of the political environment around certain policy A ; plays an of import function in the cost effectiveness instruction policies. Political feasibleness is related to be effectivity and efficiency so, to understand the political feasibleness 1st we need to place policy environment such as wellness policy or environment policy etc. ( SCHOELLMAN, 2011 ) Literature Review Entree to Schooling School registration is fundamentally depends on cost-efficient policies as mainstream economic attack provide good economic growing quality attack. Education system of UAE comprises of in-between schools, primary schools and high schools. In United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) primary school registration for males campaigners in 2005 stood at 85 % and 81 % of females. In secondary school of UAE stayed less at 62 % for males and 66 % for females. In the twelvemonth of 2003, ages of 15 to 24 males reached at 98 % literacy and 96 % for females this record is submitted in ‘CIA World Factbook ‘ of UAE. ( BALCIUNAITIENE, 2010 ) Many schools in UAE have school coach for transit. Direct and indirect are two cost-associated with school. Fees, conveyance cost, books, uniforms are the portion of direct cost while reeducation in household income comprise of indirect cost. Family gifts and public services are the two things in which school registration depends. ( Anctil, 2012 ) Educational result Many states believing that there is no any relationship in between trial mark and school input. But in recent old ages this determination has been capable to greater rummage. In both developed A ; developing states the strong impact of pupil trial plays an of import function in instruction result. Reeducation in category size, educated instructors, good teacher leads to an betterment in instruction outcome in conclusion most research finds a positive impact on educational accomplishments. The impact of inputs on labour productiveness The schools which have good resources produce good alumnus pupil as comparison to the other schools so that there is relationship in between quality A ; cost of school instruction. But in 1995 Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan finds that there is no any effectual difference between in labour productiveness of United Arab Emirates. But still no any proof appears associating the impact of inputs on labour productiveness. From one more research they analyze labour productiveness and cognitive accomplishments A ; they find that gaining quality of more cognitive accomplishments pupils have better than other pupils. Methodological Issues By and large, researches suffer from many methodological jobs. Some of the major jobs are follows: Biasness due to skip of variables: It is non easy to include the variable like background of parents, kids innate ability, political degree variables and so many other variables as they create biasness in the computation of mensural consequence. The effects of biasness straight affect the trial tonss of study. Besides if excluded variables are correlated with included variables incompatibility and biasness will bring forth once more in computation. For illustration Children with rich parents attend school with much better inputs than the kids with un affluent parents. Besides economic conditions have important consequence kids instruction. Biasness during error measuring: In the measuring of explanatory variables normally biasness and incompatibility in the appraisal can be observed. In most of the researches sufficient sum of measurement mistakes can be seen particularly in the computation of cognitive accomplishments and old ages of schooling. Specification of the dependent variables: Trial tonss are normally y used in the trial signifier in most of the surveies. These are ever criticized because of cumulative character of cognition. Biasness may lift during rating of the pupils if this cumulative nature of cognition is ignored. Sample Choice: In a developed state like UAE about every kid attends school. Their dropout rates are besides really rare. Therefore to choose the sample for the analysis schools with different parts must be focused so that broad scope of sample can be collected. During the aggregation of informations different mistakes during roll uping informations must be taken earnestly. Must be Data can be gathered by direct observations, studies, interviews, questionnaire and many other methods. During aggregation of informations many mistakes can be come into the manner such as biasness, non-response mistake, mistakes in informations acquisition and so on. Proposed Research Methodology Basic Idea beyond this research proposal is to utilize conventional methodological analysiss which are based on econometric theoretical accounts and to work out the jobs which are described above. Second of import thought to utilize this research proposal is to measure the bing policies of school and supply better cost effectual policies and methods to better the instruction degree in UAE. This research will bring forth an econometric theoretical account which will assist in find the factor which decides the school registration by sing both supply-side factors and family capablenesss. In computation of school efficiency econometric theoretical account can be used to develop a educational production map for the instruction system of UAE. For the account of trial tonss of the pupil assorted maps will be included in the merchandise map to analyse the household background, unconditioned abilities and sample choice in add-on with a value added attack will be used. To analyse the consequence of the plan on the consequence of trial mark explanatory variable must be incorporated with trial tonss. Political feasibleness of these policies will be step with the better cost-efficient qualitative and measures approach will be used. The basic thought beyond this procedure is to measure assorted place occupied by societal elements and interest holders who are the parts of the instruc tion procedure. Qualitative technique will concentrate on group interviews and life interviews. Datas Education finding map A study will be conducted to build this map in two different period of clip. Standardized trial will be conducted to measure the pupils besides household and school features are besides assessed in these trials. Motive behind these trials is to garner the informations to measure the instruction system. Schooling Production theoretical account In these theoretical accounts enrolment in the school will be analyzed with the aid of studies related to life criterions measurings. This information will be gathered with the information related to education organize the UAE authorities to integrate the supply side information. Scientific Contribution This consequence hopes to give two of import parts to the instruction system of UAE. One advanced theoretical attack will be developed to wholly understand the instruction system in UAE. Besides, one conventional will be developed based on willingness to pay the fees for instruction and the maximization of public-service corporation standards. These attacks will be wholly based on the theoretical part of assorted researches. Theoretical parts will wholly stress on the public action and capablenesss of families in the providing of instruction. This research will besides assist in design adequate instruments which will be a great part to the methodological development. And betterment in methodological issues will be good in the better appraisal in the jobs of convention econometric theoretical accounts. Experimental rating methods will be used as mention for these findings. Overall this research will be a great part towards the determination of the most cost effectual methods and polic ies for the improvement of the instruction outcomes. End product of this research will assist the UAE Government to plan policies related to the instruction which will be more cost-effective and effectual. How to cite The Education And Development In Uae Education Essay, Essay examples